Shoulder Surgery

After suffering from Jan. 8th with horrid pain the stars aligned, and I was allowed into surgery to hopefully make my dominate side work again with less pain.

I am just on my 5th day after surgery and typing with just my left hand so I will add photos I was able to take before going into this restrictive sling.


I am hoping to get my stitches out on Tuesday morning but with current pain maybe it is wishful thinking.

Male Baltimore Oriole

I will do PT and Lazor treatments for mobility and to lessen the swelling and pain. Have you had your shoulders repaired? How long did it take to get back to the things you loved?

“I can still pick with one arm
Last painting, I did before surgery.
All the wee ones arrive

When I am up to it I will check in again.
Take care

15 thoughts on “Shoulder Surgery

  1. Hi Eunice, How nice of you to bring us up to date with your surgery. We have all been anxious about you. I hope you will soon be free of pain and back to your wonderful paintings. Love your last painting here by the way. The wild life have missed you and are welcoming you back. Take it easy for a while.

    1. Seriously lol I am so done already 🙂 I thought 5 months of pain was enough, but this surgical pain is crazy so thank you I get answers Tuesday morning. I am so not used to being helpless 🙂

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