11 Years Ago, I Introduced Myself

How time flies!

Some of you I met from the start and still check-in on you and your blogs.
So much fun meeting new people in this WordPress world. People from around the world as well as next door.

I have been away for probably a month if not more but still painting and taking photos, but the shoulder got to the point where I will undergo surgery this month and they say 6 months to a year to full recovery though it is June 1st I am already worried about another winter after 3 falls this past one, which is probably when I finished off the shoulder.

Here is a collection of shots from how I have spent my days this past May.
Hope to see you all soon on your blogs.

Our 1949
Baltimore Oriole Male
That library project we did last May filling in nicely.
Gardens doing great
Flowers too!

Take care everyone

14 thoughts on “11 Years Ago, I Introduced Myself

  1. Hi Eunice, thanks for keeping us up to date, photo’s are great. Love the collage of the car show and always love your paintings. I wish you well for the surgery on your arm, you have suffered enough but still you carry on with what you do and keep in touch with us bloggers. Stay safe and take it easy.

    1. Hi Rita
      Thanks so much I miss being here but had to get the garden in so I could just pick my supper 🙂 Ron is not a cook and I do not want to be 300+ lbs from takeout food USA is so known for lol I have fresh peas, lettuce, onions, garlic, kale, beets etc. growing but I am the one who eats most of it he likes meat and potatoes so he will dig potatoes for us 🙂

      I hope you and John are doing ok aging is not for Sissy’s xo

  2. I am sorry to hear that you need an operation but I hope that all goes well. Your collages are fun and the library project looks exciting.

    1. Thank you so much I have been so busy trying to do all I can of course before I am dead in the water. Hopefully I heal good as new with awesome PT exercises.

  3. Happy blogiversary, Eunice! Sorry about your shoulder… let’s hope the surgery fixes you up well. Next winter, you’re going to have to get micro-spikes for every set of shoes and boots you own and wear them religiously … or better yet, head to south with Judy!
    I love the purple and white slope by the library… foamflower and phlox?

    1. Yes Woodland Phlox and Foam Flowers then Blue Stem grasses I think. I must take photos of the rest that are currently all in bloom.

      Thank you. We have amazing spikes and will order some sand or head south for 6 weeks of the worst of it 🙂

    1. Thank so much I was praying all I needed was PT but I wasn’t that lucky. I have a good place all lined up. Congrats on your NH Blog as well neighbor on the other end of 101 🙂

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