Still Healing

June 14th seems so long ago as we just slid into July and now are up nightly with neighbors celebrating the 4th each night before and after.

PT sucks as we all know but my ordeal was beyond, sadly. Doctor fired one and now the one I have though nice, causes as much pain as I have been in for 6 months and neither ice nor 2 Advil seem to do much. How many of you have had a terrible fall that caused slap tears and torn biceps that needed screws lol is this truly normal still? I honestly thought after a discussion with surgeon a week out of surgery I would feel awesome as I was repaired right?

So, with that update I have not been able to pick up my heavy Nikon and finally charged my tiny Olympus so I could take photos of something lol anything actually but still tuff raising right arm to even do that that degree needed it may be time for my hand-held shutter release or just learn to be patient, I guess I thought I was but nope I don’t think so.

I went with my other half to a car show. I packed ice packs, sunscreen, water and Advil and by 1:30(we started out at 7 am) I was calling uncle in the 90-degree heat. I felt bad as he may have won another trophy, but I gave it a valiant effort and it seems he was also hot and had seen enough of the same cars that always show up at gatherings. We did enjoy the air-conditioning of the Loudon Racing Museum where we knew many of the drivers from the past here in New England.

I made a collage of plants with my tiny camera doing all I could to keep it steady. I added tiny 4″ pots of flowers to my larger pots before surgery, also an enormous Hosta I put into a new garden just now in its 2nd year. The Blue/Purple Petunias I won at a local car show in their 50/50 raffle.

The Hummers adore them.

I am doing Laser treatments with last 2 appointments coming this week. I will miss them but for $420 for 6 treatments not covered yet by Medicare I have to stop and then pay just the PT place to hurt me more 🙂 did I say I hate having someone push my arm up over my head or massage me, well I do hate it.

Here are two shots to leave you with. I am designing more outfits and housewares. My left arm artwork I did while in a sling will be used for holiday attire as it is a Gold, Silver and Bronze Abstract Watercolor I thought it would work nicely in my online store, these are just two samples of course. Everyone should want to celebrate by then hopefully.

Pretty black dress with a cape using my abstract
I always loved these

Thanks for stopping by even if you have no time to comment I know how that is.


21 thoughts on “Still Healing

  1. What a bummer that you are not getting some relief. I fell once on a slippery wet slope trying to get to a bluebird house to clean it. Fractured the right ankle. But with immediate surgery it healed over and no real pain. There are still plates and pins there that can cause trouble and guess what? I am back in a boot for swelling. Big Foot is back!

    I sure hope the PT will help you over a bit of time. You do not deserve to be hurting and there are too many plants and critters that need your attention.

    Also I think you should offer designer slings made with your artwork and offered to drs and hospitals and those style conscious citizens who need them. LOL 😝 Take care of yourself Eunice. Rest and recuperate. Hugs Dor

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    1. You are the best Dor! I am so sorry about your foot 😦 Life was supposed to be perfect when we got to this age damn it, good point on pretty slings for Galas with the rich and famous 🙂

      I thought once put back together most issues would be behind me and just getting strength back no wonder, I was a trucker.

      Feel better soon my left leg keeps swelling must be in sympathy for right shoulder lol

  2. I am so sorry Eunice. It sounds like an ordeal. I hope you feel better soon. Sending healing thougths and prayers your way. Love your designs. You are multi-talented.

    1. Thank you Rita I put this store-bought pain patch on and it felt a little better I know I cannot expect much this soon but damn she was rough 🙂

  3. So sorry you are still suffering Eunice . It’s so awkward when any injury is on the right hand side, you have to learn how to use the left side which of course slows things up in whatever you are doing. However, I love the flowers pics that you potted. I didn’t know you designed clothes either, looks good !! I hope your injury will soon heal and you will be feeling much better. In the meantime take it easy OK.

    1. I am leaving my home 4 days a week for the laser and PT can’t wait till I can do them at home and put my hair in an elastic it is so long Ron tries but not so good at it 🙂 Thank you I love the pretty annuals here and there in my yard as perennials bloom, die back and another type appears. I can type with both hands now at desk and wash dishes cooking not easy as I need both hand to lift heavy ones but he comes home between 4 and 5 pm then helps me plus it is summer and lighter meals are made. My Kale and Swiss Chard are so delish when I sauté them, tomatoes are coming as are potatoes I held back with all the pain and looming surgery so I would not be overwhelmed. Peas were awesome I will plant more as heat dies back some.
      Take care I hope you and John are hanging in there and enjoying life

  4. I am sorry to hear about the amount of trouble that you are having. I got a new knee a few years ago and that was very painful and required quite a long time to become fully usable, and a lot of exercises. It is easy for me to say, “Be patient, ” but that may be the only answer.

    1. I know you are right about needing time I just feel like there is too much pushing going on I fear another surgery so I guess I have to just let go and pray that doesn’t happen, but I have lost so much trust in the process after waiting 5/6 months for the procedure. I will try to close my eyes and not fight her 🙂 Thank you.

  5. I completely understand how you are going through. Living pain and unable to do things, that is not so good. I realize as we age your body does not heal as fast. I hope you get better soon.

    1. Thank you so much I hate taking medication of any kind so this constant need for an Advil every 6 hours is nuts to me just don’t cause me pain and let me heal 🙂

  6. Sorry about all the prolonged pain and discomfort, Eunice. Let’s hope the tide turns soon. 🙏🏽
    Your plants are beautiful, some spark of joy in your day, I hope.
    I didn’t know you create clothing as well as watercolors, you a true artist! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Eliza. It is the PT adding pressure to a joint with screws to early out of the gate I am fine when I do not see her. 🙂

    1. Man it was bad I thought it was before the surgery waiting from Jan-June no re-attaching bicep and grinding all the damage out was nuts DO NOT FALL and work smartly since 18 I have worked so very hard and now at just 66 it is rebelling 🙂

      1. You need to give yourself time to get back to normal. Surgery must be pretty stressful for your body. Hope it will just get better by the day for you now.

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