Well, I feel much better today, at least ready to get moving and see things to completion.

The weather being nicer is surly a help for most of us, right? Flowers are beginning to bloom, and bees are arriving, and my hummingbird feeder has been up a week waiting on early arrivals.

So many types here, just show up.

I took on a new challenge and this one if done properly you can eat. A friend and fellow garden club member had been gifted a Sourdough kit
and she let me open it and begin the process of making a starter so then create my own bread.

1st attempt was delicious.

I used a cup of starter and gave Teresa all that was left except for enough for me to keep fed. Now to learn to use it for healthy pizzas, rolls and even pastry.

Now that my yard is ready for whatever is to come, I can paint and bake and get a lot of walking in though this yard to walk in is crazy, with the 5 turkey who have decided my place is where they want to hang out for a while. The big Tom talks to me each time I step outside he will have no voice if he keeps it up.

I think they remember me having had so many raised on my land.

Take care of yourselves if you are finally removing your masks. I have not worn one for almost 2 years unless walking into a medical facility or a place demanding it be worn.

I took all the scary shots and know how to wash my hands and you know me I am usually taking a long ride to wipe open spaces or are home gardening and painting.

Do what you need to do to stay safe as now they say Shingles will follow a positive Covid event and I can tell you having had it in my early 20’s Shingles is something you never want yes; I know another scary shot right.

Have a great day and get some sunshine it really is a good thing.


14 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Hi Eunice, nice to hear you are feeling better and yes its great to see some sunshine. Love that the wild life comes to visit you and of course they know that you will feed them. We decided to go out for the day today, our first outing as such for 2 yrs. The Greeks have fantastic memories as they recognized us straight away and gave us such a warm welcome. How is Ron doing after his accident, I hope he is recovering and feeling much better. Take care and enjoy your painting and other things you love doing.

    1. Hi Rita
      My best to you two that is wonderful you headed out into the sunshine I tell myself none of us will get out of here alive so why not live! I am glad you had fun xo

      He took the 1st 2 days off after the wreck and has been working 40+ hours every day since.
      I painted a landscape today and did laundry and housework and got his supper ready I have decided against another lung cat scan for now as the spot had no growth in 6 months. My primary doctor is supporting my decision thankfully.

      This place is a ZOO πŸ™‚

  2. I made sourdough for a while when a friend gave me a starter. It was delicious, but I could never eat enough to keep the starter in good condition without having to feed it extra flour. This looked like a waste to me, so I gave up.

    1. You can keep it in a air tight jar and take out and begin to feed it when you want to make a loaf.
      Mine was 5 cups of flour, 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt and good water oh and a cup of starter full of bubbles.

  3. That is one handsome Tom, I’m sure he impresses the hens. πŸ˜‰
    The bread looks delicious! Sourdough is tops.
    We got our shingles shots while we were waiting for the Covid vaccines to come out… it definitely seemed like a good idea.

  4. Your bread looks good Eunice. I have never tried sourdough myself. You sound more cheerful today. Keep smiling and get lots of sunshine and fresh air – that’s the best medicine! πŸ˜ƒπŸ€—

    1. It will be 60 today so yes your right sunshine and being warm outside helps and they are setting up a MRI for my trashed shoulder to see what is causing all the pain I can not wait to see what I did to it in my several bad falls. Sourdough is so good and easy to make and bake and good for ones belly.

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