No Good News of Late

So, I haven’t been in the mood to write much of anything of substance.

My other half hit black ice and rolled his truck and whatever wasn’t destroyed the tow truck company finished it off. He had a tow service plan, AAA, but they refused to call them and sent out the company in the towns back pocket for $500 cash, what a racket. He thinks he can change a couple of doors, glass, fix ignition they yanked out and make it road worthy I see it as a waste of money as there are not enough hours in the day for him to do this work.

At almost 70 years old he was lucky to walk away.

So yes, I was stressed and worried on top of all the pain I have been in. Still a bad shoulder, on my dominate side, even after 2 shots. Now he has a trashed shoulder which may need PT and a shot. What a pair hey.


I have raked a bit then photograph the locals, so as to not do too much. My Peas are up as well as garlic, spinach and kale as I needed to do something.

Then there was the Plant Sale

There were also articles to write, orders to take and deposits to be made and in the end, we sold 230 bowls and had 240 delivered (we used 10 in our town plantings) so we made a $500+ profit which will pay for mulch and Petunias when summer flowers go in and we remove these beauties.

Tom asks that you dine on a pig this Sunday

Happy Easter to all who celebrate xo


15 thoughts on “No Good News of Late

  1. Oh I am so sorry about the black ice accident. Thankful he walked away.
    You are both so fortunate.
    Now stay well and take care of each other. Better times are due.

  2. OMG ! So sorry about Ron’s accident Eunice, thank goodness it wasn’t worse, you both could do without stress on top of the dam Covid. As you say, there is NO good news these days. I do hope you will both be feeling better very soon. Take care and don’t try doing too much, rest more. OK xx

    1. Thank you, Rita you know, I am go go go but this shoulder is awful I so want to cancel the lung scan and repair the shoulder ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      We hate to roll over and die at 66 and 70 but all the hard work we did in our lifetime is rearing its ugly head. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hoping you 2 are doing better over there hugs

  3. I am glad to hear that your the other half walked away from such accident. That seemed like very bad incident at least for the sound of the damages. Happy Easter!

  4. Oh goodness. He was lucky. And now you both have bad shoulders you should take life a bit easier Eunice! Take care – both of you! ๐Ÿค—

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