Focus, Focus, Focus

So hard to really focus these days, isn’t it? Distractions fill my world and now a war on people who simply want to be free my prayers are with Ukraine.

First, I had to hang my solo art show downtown which turned out wonderful. So many visited the library for the first time since the renovation and nothing could make me happier as so much work went into making it just a perfect spot.

I sold many pieces of art I brought with me of the unframed variety I had on display and in a bin and cards of course I must always bring cards as I like to have all price points covered since many are like me and have no space for large pieces of artwork unless it really speaks to them enough that they take a favorite of their wall to add a new piece.

Many thanks to the employees of the library for their food preparation and lovely displays of food for the guests to nibble on while chatting and checking out what I have been up to since my first show there I think 5 years ago, and this is my 7th year painting and yes, I love it!

The night of the show these bookcases were topped with unframed art throughout the library it was perfect! Another nod to the staff for all they did to make my art shine.

I chose to paint live and that was great until the sales began, and I forgot to bring someone to handle that part of the show as honestly it was 2 hours long and I saw it as a show not as an art sale now I am not complaining as I could finally pay of my doctors off in full and once again be debt free. I like living within my means.

Here is as far as I got on my piece and the 2nd shot is of how it changed once I returned home and painted through the storm yes more snow, I will do another post on.

Live demo
This is now the completed piece of artwork, so different from the night of the show. All of my art is for sale at this stage.

Thanks for stopping in I know I am so far behind in blogging it has just been winter here in NH and I have tried to focus on what and who I love while just reading as many of your blogs that WordPress allows me to see, I follow so many blogs but not many show up in my reader, sorry about that.

17 thoughts on “Focus, Focus, Focus

  1. I love the finished painting. The blue sky and ice blue snow makes it! Congrats on another successful sale Eunice. šŸ‘

  2. Hi Eunice, We have sort of lost touch. I am posting about my trip to see you in 2014 – pictures of the USS Constitution specifically. It looks like you are doing well. I’m linking to this post to let people know where to find you. Your blog here is beautiful.

      1. Click on a picture or click on one of the menu items in the header. Once you get to a post, you can search. If you click the first picture, you should get my link to a picture of us. šŸ™‚

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