Getting Ready for Another Solo Art Show

Yes, the header shot is a stack of watercolor art I will offering for sale on the night of my reception, along with framed pieces that will remain on the walls for a few weeks at our Epping library and a card rack chock full of images you may have seen here on my blog but just on the night of my opening and after next Thursday night, the 17th, they can be purchased at a local shop in Exeter, Dodges Agway, a grain store I buy my birdseed from.

Prices for the most part are under $100 for the unframed ones and more as you can guess once they are matted and framed but I will also offer a layaway plan for those who absolutely connect with a piece of original artwork.

I have been grateful for the sale of many pieces of art in this now six-year journey, which some of you saw from that first night I painted a rose in a $25 class here in NH. After that it poured out of me good, bad or ugly art, it came out. I love painting yes, I have many loves, but watercolor is just plain fun!

Thanks for the kind comments you have left on my journey I really appreciate the support.

I almost forgot; I will be doing a live demo on how I paint as the guests meander around upstairs in our beautiful library, checking out the artwork and enjoying food and drink with friends and hopefully checking out a book.

For me it is about supporting this library from its construction that was the talk of the town to the gardens we were a part of last year and who can forget that Center of the Universe Brewfest lol

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14 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Another Solo Art Show

  1. WOW ! Fantastic news Eunice . It sounds quite exciting. You have done marvels with your artwork which I have been with you from the very beginning. I love both water colours and oil paintings. Your mom would be very proud of you. Good luck.

      1. A thoughtful and generous gesture. Maybe you could choose a piece and leave it up to the attendees to put their name in for it? That way, you’d know that the signees are fond of, and would appreciate, it. ❤

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