Wild Weather Swings

Last week it was almost 70 degrees Fahrenheit and then nights in the single digits! Winds constantly blowing, sadly I will welcome snow if winds come to an end what happened to our gentle breezes.

Last Thursday’s warmth did away with the snow and ice.
Then it snowed all Friday which had me on the JD for 2 days.

I push it and drag it out back and to the far left for as far as I can. I can’t get it far enough away from me. Haha

The birds and squirrels have been very active so much, they eat almost 40lbs of sunflower seeds a week and then a 6lb bag of finch seed as well as suet.

Let’s not talk about the mealworm’s, those Bluebirds have me caring for them as they begin to pair up and the season of egg laying begins shortly, let’s hope the spring weather is good for their numbers.

Aren’t my visitors pretty, I love them all.

We often wonder how these feathered beauties deal with the wind and cold so I do what I can with the beef fat and high energy seed when my gardens are under snow.

I think we will all love evenings at 40 degrees and daytime 55 will work for a few weeks until the 60’s arrive here in NH, USA

Have a great week and if you are in harm’s way know that many Americans are praying for you and your country.



11 thoughts on “Wild Weather Swings

  1. Thanks for this lovely post Eunice,I love how you look after the wild birds. We do the best we can by supplying water and food. However maybe I have said this before but, when John goes to his aviary to feed his birds the wild ones have got used to seeing him and are there waiting for any spare which the aviary birds throw out, its quite comical to watch. Hope all is well with you regardless of bad weather which we have here also. Take care and stay safe.

  2. The temperature swing from 70F during the day to single digit at night is a bit unthinkable. I am like you wonder how these creatures deal with that.

    Love your cute friends and they look quite happy.

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