Snows Falling on the 7th

Watercolor by E. Miller

As much as I dislike the cold snow can be so gorgeous if you can just sit and watch it fall right lol

We went to the sea last night as I knew it was going to be a day of pushing it with the JD again, I have to have balance right?

Marshlands as the tide was coming in.
Poor Ducks even the brackish waters were freezing over.

Stay safe I have to go shovel pathways again for my ground feeding visitors.

Lucky feathered friends.

21 thoughts on “Snows Falling on the 7th

    1. Wow I want to make a trip up to King Arther in VT to pick up a Sourdough kit and begin making my own. How many inches did you get I think we had 8″ last count?

    1. About 8″ here but the ground is a sheet of ice under the snow of course I fell so I have been icing my bad knee 😦 but the yard is gorgeous though deadly. I am glad you fared better ❤

  1. It’s so heartwarming to see all those birds flocking to your yard for dinner! Take care and enjoy the snow if you can. 🌨😃

    1. Thank you Cathy I fell hard on my left knee damn ice everywhere 😦 waiting to see what x-rays say I did. So yes, time to paint and watch the birds.

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