Another Solo Art Show

I am getting ready to hang another show at my local library.

The last one was when I first began painting, and it was what six or seven years ago now, titled “Hung out to Dry” literally my other half hung a wire and I used clothes pins to hang my artwork all around the library from it.

I sold 30 pieces from that show, you see I am no Winslow Homer so prices for my first time out of the gate were under $100.00 and everyone said they loved them and asked why I ever drove a big rig.

Recent landscape finished or not I haven’t decided.

For those long-time followers from the NUTSFORTREAURE days you know I had to reinvent myself after a bad wreck in order to keep a roof over my head. I started with beading then moved onto melting glass(fusing) to taking a $25.00, 2 hr. lesson, on how to play with watercolor but mostly how to just let go and be.

I have added photography along the way to take this blog on a journey with you, as words sometimes can’t tell the whole story.

The header shot was from two nights ago when New England was graced with colors that could only come from our creator using his most magnificent watercolors.

Stay safe and kind everyone, we all know it is horrid times and many are falling upon their knees in prayer for all of this craziness to end.

AKA Folsom Mill Studio

12 thoughts on “Another Solo Art Show

  1. Good luck with the show. And, yes, deciding whether or not a painting is “finished” or not can sometimes be a real challenge. The colors are beautiful in your landscape.

  2. What a beautiful sky Eunice! And your painting is gorgeous too… inspiration from nature as always. I remember all your stories from way back in Nutsfortreasure days too. We have been blogging for half a lifetime it seems! πŸ˜‰All the best with the next exhibition! πŸ€—πŸ’•

    1. Thank you, Cathy, yes it has been a while right πŸ™‚ I wish I could paint from my photos, but I guess they stay within me and leak out when I paint in some odd way. We are blessed with amazing sunsets for being in these woods I am having so much fun trying to capture birds but to play more with paint and walk, walk and walk to get as healthy as I can.

      Yes, I wonder if I should have kept nuts………. a local photographer said it was hard to find out who I was without using my own name πŸ™‚

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