Searching for the Steller Sea Eagle

My knee injury has yet to slow me down be it from painting or photographing life as we see it here in New England. Yes, it still hurts and bruising quite prominent, but I can still drive.

We have made trips both to Maine and Massachusetts which are states that border ours. These are photographing trips foremost but also time together to talk and walk together no matter the weather and today more weather will arrive but for now gorgeous sunshine.

I usually take over 200 hundred photos and then decide which ones to share here as well as on Facebook page: Folsom Mill Studio or over on Instagram where I have two sites. folsommill which is for my watercolors and folsommillphotos not very creative but easy to remember.

I try to add photos to my online shops over here at: where anyone can buy a simple card, print or items for gift giving. I make more sales from visitors stopping by and then asking if I can add a certain photo or watercolor to my stores. Thank you for doing that I really appreciate it.

Here are a few from the last few days.

Boothbay Harbor, Maine USA
Boothbay Harbor, Maine USA

Thanks for coming with to me Maine, this trip was overcast and windy but 2 days before I shot the header photo from up there as well as this pretty moon in daytime.

Thanks for the visit.

8 thoughts on “Searching for the Steller Sea Eagle

  1. So you found the Steller eagle? Congrats… it has become rather famous!
    Hope your knee continues to improve… please take care tomorrow when around round hits us.

  2. How interesting! Thanks for once again helping to fill the void till we can get back to our beloved New England, and best wishes for a complete recovery from your injury.

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