Silent Sunday-Wild Beauty

14 thoughts on “Silent Sunday-Wild Beauty

    1. I have had one right at my back door trying to grab a wild turkey that one did not look pretty lol as I swung open the door and yelled “NOT TODAY!” lol turkeys jumped, and coyote ran back to the woods line.

    1. Some shots appear to make it look mean, but I am drawn to the pretty shots I got πŸ™‚ Lost 50 lbs so far then gained 3 back since Friday πŸ™‚ coming off today though as I had a very stressful night in a truck with no heat when it was a bone chilling -40 F with windchills 😦 I am ok but still very tired but that is why I grabbed the camera and Ron and took a ride along our ocean areas you just never know what you will see and some of my favorite breakfast stops are there πŸ™‚

      1. That’s not too bad Eunice you can soon lose that 3lb again especially during the summer when weather is hot, one doesn’t feel like eating all that much. Try eating fruit such as plums, they are good for you. Have a good week and take care. Also say Hi to Ron for us.

  1. What a beautiful shot of a beautiful creature! I thought it was a fox at first… we don’t have coyotes here but occasionally see (or smell!) foxes.

    1. Coyotes are all over the news in my area with some towns looking to use sharp shooters to take out many. They are so misunderstood. As I see it, they are fine when left to be wild animals.
      They get used to people and sleep under porches etc. but usually eat rodents which I am good with.

      I was easily 600+ feet away and zoomed in the best I could handheld while I was behind the wheel of my car. I took 10 shots and moved along others sit for hours and one photographer was told by the ranger to move along, she refused and was cuffed and removed. This is a wildlife preserve for observing nature but not for stressing the animals you may not usually see.

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