Yesterday I Painted Before Work

Time for a bit of an update for those who read my posts.

Tomorrow I will pick up my first paycheck in 16 years. The work my surgeon did on my shoulder in mid-June that finally quit hurting in late October and is holding up good so far and yes, I am pushing those heavy post cons carefully.

Update on weight loss since Thanksgiving, I have gone out to eat this past weekend but did not go crazy and so far, 54 or 55 lbs. The inflammation is so much less in my knees, wrists for sure. No sugar, white flour, chemicals as well as many fruits, fats and veggies have been a no go for the first 60 days then I added back the healthiest of the ones removed for an occasional treat.

I am on my own now with no more coaching offered but I have learned so much for which I am grateful.

I am walking a mile in 17 min. when it was a struggle to want to do anything after a year with all that pain my shoulder caused. I am smiling more as well.

The watercolor above was a piece I did, working on textures, remember I have no scene in front of me I just lay down water and go with the flow.

When I pick up my check it will show me, I made the right choice.

A local gym where I pay or a good workout, which I am paid $30 an hour to do. Not sure how long I will want to drive truck, hauling mail, but it’s only 2 days a week I work all night then return home by 10 am which leaves plenty of time to garden, photograph and paint.

I want to pay off my credit card I used for the health coach and make my 1956 F100 truck drive like it is brand new. Goals are good right?

Have a great week.

9 thoughts on “Yesterday I Painted Before Work

  1. Oh yes ! your goals are excellent and you are doing so well Eunice, but remember not to overdue things. I know you love driving the truck. So pleased to hear your shoulder is better, relief of pain makes all the difference.

  2. You deserve for things to go right for you Eunice, after all you’ve been through the past year or so. Hope it continues to be fun. Love the fact that you are smiling more too! 😁

    1. Thank you, friend, 🙂 1- or 2-mile walks was so out of the question just 6 months ago and now the norm and eating right does help you to feel better though lighter in your wallet well until I can grow here again lol

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