Storms Roll Through

We are getting round two as I sit on this early Monday morning. 24,000 with no power so far, my lights are on.

Stay safe everyone.


26 thoughts on “Storms Roll Through

    1. Thank you me too this is the heavy wet stuff and it is quickly piling up on our beautiful trees and of course the roadway out of here. My JD tractor got a workout today and if I can go to my 1st day of work at 1 I will need to clean the driveway so my tiny car can get to the main road.

    1. I will be driving a box truck not a tractor trailer like the old days and I will fill it with carts full of mail and then take the load to smaller post office buildings about 45 min. away. I am hoping on nice days to do my runs in 4 to 5 hours and I will work just Tuesday and Sat. mornings for some extra cash as all I live on really is my Social Security Check which would be OK, but our food, gas and heat bills have doubled and tripled. I will get plenty of exercise to help drop the rest of the weight is my hope. I promise to be careful. xo

    1. Thanks, you too! I am back to driving a truck 2 days a week to start until I am back in shape and of course I will have to be in and out of the truck several times starting at 1 AM Saturday morning πŸ™‚ brrrr

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