The Car Shows are Over for Now

Since getting into this world of antique and classic cars and trucks there has never been a dull moment.

We keep the truck clean as we can in its storage box, giving it a dusting when he pulls it out then checking its fluids and tires while saying a quiet prayer the 49 gets to and from safely, more for his sake as he loves to show it off and the heartbreak if he has to spend hours under it fixing what someone else was paid to do.

We are not alone out there to be sure. On each of the shows we attended this year all but the last one was on 85F to 95F degree hot and sunny, actually somewhat brutal days, for living things never mind these old relics.

How do I pick which photos to show as I have hundreds from each show as there was usually 250-350 entered into these events. Car shows are held in large areas with many volunteers who direct you to the spot they want you to park in then others walk these areas picking their favorites for awards handed out an hour before the show ends. Many times, we paid the fee for a fundraiser but bowed out early due to heat or in June and July due to my shoulder pain and then went for a ride to eat out then home. We helped to keep the economy going lol.

I will try to add some shots here so you can see the old ones are well cared for and in good hands.

First show was in March, and it was indoors and a challenge for me with all the lights and shiny chrome.
With a phone a little better inside
We met up in empty lots to take a cruise to a local restaurant only we followed the person who did not follow the pack and took us out onto the highway where we arrived 40 min. before the rest of the pack.
You can see creativity on display be it in this beauty or
this one with a decal that states it is painted and has a rat under its hood.
See it?
Kingpins Season Opener Salisbury Massachusetts
old and new alike stop by to check them out.
Head turners in every isle at our local truck stop
Without mothers to visit we loaded up the truck early for this famous Maine watering hole
Our own town had one at the local American Legion
Deerfield NH was a 3-day event and even had a blow-up movie screen for watching Ford vs Ferrari, this was a shot of just one field full of cars
Our trucks 1st award. I love seeing him happy
Not really a farm anymore but a huge yard sale location
Hoods, trunks and windows open to show them off in Londonderry NH
Truck show in the Owl Head Museum in Maine yes shows require many miles of actual driving these oldies
We were always in good company
I think he wants one of each
Now this was my favorite of course
I may have caught the bug I fell for this 56 Ford not sure I want the loan though as I live debt free

Well, that is how we spent most of this year starting in March and ending in October and 6 weeks we did not have our truck as he sent it out to beef up the engine, of course he did after seeing all of these machines.

Hope you saw some of your old rides.


34 thoughts on “The Car Shows are Over for Now

  1. WOW ! I love old veteran cars Eunice. I think I would choose the same one that you did. There is a TV programme we watch where two men buy a dilapidated old car and restore it back to it’s original state. Very interesting to watch the finished result. The programme is called “Bangers and cash”

    1. Wow cool we have so many shows such as that I guess it was to get us to get the bug of restoration 🙂 I just made the deal final last truck is now mine.

  2. Love that shiny peach indoor one from March, Eunice, and a few of the others widen the smile. A couple of UK friends belong to the BMW club and are never happier than when toodling along to an event. Their issue is more often rain!

    1. I am sure they are a bit beefy for tight winding roads, but we try them here too 🙂 I bought a 1956 Ford F100 today I am so excited to work on her this winter type it in your search engine I got a steal now to make it mine.

  3. This looks so much fun Eunice! They are all so well cared for – so shiny! Great way to travel and turn some heads. What a great hobby! 😃👍

  4. These are beautiful. I love the orange T-Bird. Can you imagine owning a yellow 57 Ford Fairlane 500. What were they thinking? My uncle had a Black 57 with V-8, It was a reall road runner!

    1. They are mind blowing here I thought they had all been crushed and sent to China for us to buy back. I had a dark green 67 Galaxy 500 🙂 then a green Pinto then truck after truck until my Toyota 5 years ago. Dad is smiling from heaven with this Ford in my yard 🙂

    1. Yes, but it is need of paint on the roof and some sanding of rust as well as a few spots on the bottom of the doors but for 66 years old not bad. I want to learn how to weld with mig and tig

    2. Did I tell you my grandparents lived in Star Junction PA south of Uniontown we went there OH and WV a lot as children and when I was trucking, I was all through there

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