Finely Healing and Creating

It’s been a long year and with yet another fall this past Thursday night, it could have been worse but just bruising as far as I can see thankfully.

I actually spread some of last year’s wood chip piles to be ahead for next year and put things away for weather that will arrive soon enough. I have also been doing 15×11 Watercolor paintings and loading my online store with them and my photographs which can be bought on a simple card to a 36×28 in framed piece of art bigger if you ask ahead of time.

Thanks for stopping by I am beat but feeling that I have accomplished something finally. More later…..Have a great week!


21 thoughts on “Finely Healing and Creating

  1. Beautiful work! I have been trying to do some watercolor paintings. Not very good at it so far. I have been using a dry set and no white. It seems to leave things pretty dark looking for me. I may have to rethink it.

    1. Sketch the spots you want to leave white if you know what you are going to paint or wet those watercolors or and over and get them juicy then wet a piece of paper and pick 3 colors that look nice together let it dry then wet a small flat brush and lift the paint from sections you want to leave white it will lift right off. Now my purple sky piece I used lots of Chinese white, always tube paints, best bought online much cheaper you only actually need 6 tubes, 3 warm primary colors and 3 cool primary (red, yellow and blue) because I never know what I am going to see as I begin and this one, I changed my mind 3 times šŸ™‚

      1. Thank you for your great advice. I have done the lift of color from time to time with some success. I think I may go to the tubes. The white comes with the set on those.

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