Silent Sunday Touches of Pink

Just starting to show off their touches of Pink

7 thoughts on “Silent Sunday Touches of Pink

    1. Every bee, butterfly, and the rest of the insects here are happy and healthy. Last week I ran a high fever, and he took me to the doctor only to be told I have Lyme only after I returned home did, I find it and the huge red mark it left behind now on meds for 14 days those turkeys better do a better job even a baby raccoon has a tick in its ear

  1. Oh my goodness Eunice, had you been bitten by something then ? Its just the time of year here as well for those pesky mosquito and flying ants who nibble at your ankles. Hope the pain in your shoulder is easing for you. Take care.

    1. Hi Rita shoulder is coming along I will see surgeon for a follow-up on Wednesday morning to see if I am doing ok and yes we have these nasty ticks here in parts of the states that can wreck your world hope I got on medication quick enough. It has been a tough stretch for both Ron and I. How are you and your husband doing? Heat like you have is here and no rain as well fires everywhere not many in our area, yet they are just popping up now.

  2. Hi Eunice glad your shoulder is on the mend, and I hope Ron is OK too You have both had a tough time but maybe good things are around the corner. I wish you both all the very best. We are o.k. thanks. Take care.

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