A New One in the Works

#watercolor by #emiller

I worked more on this after receiving good news from my surgeon. I have progressed enough to move into home shoulder exercises and the x-ray showed the pins holding my shoulder together are indeed where he placed them. This is all good news after such a long haul now to pick up paints not so moody maybe. I am not sure what to do with this one so I will let it sit up against a wall so I can walk by it daily and let it tell me what is missing.

Stay safe


12 thoughts on “A New One in the Works

    1. Thank you slow and steady is what I need, and I set up an appt for Lazer next week that will really help. Enjoy your weekend are you getting storms tonight we are still dry here.

      1. Storms tonight sadly passed to the north of us, but at least VT is getting some rain. My hope is we’ll hit the jackpot tomorrow night. Fingers crossed, we really need the rain desperately.

      2. I hear you. It is so low they will release the lake to try to give Newmarket water so my lower yard may get some water though it is lush down there already.

    1. Thank you 🙂

      Well, the plan now is to pace myself and resume normal life with no PT as she did not know her own strength lol Today, I did 2 loads of wash and hung them out to dry in the 98 F degree weather. I worked a little more on the painting. Have a great weekend!

      1. I go out at 6 or 7 am and water then come in and tidy up and then nap depending on pain level 🙂 it is miserable and no rain 80% humidity though it feels like you were soaked in a storm.

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