Covid Got Us

First off, we are ok though the coughing keeps us from sleeping soundly. So tired of being tired and longing for the outside world we took a ride to our beloved coastline. For me driving helped and the warmth in November here in New England is something we soon will see as a memory, helped both of us. Cooped up is not healthy for anyone sit by an open window if you cannot get outside.

So, I snapped a couple of quick pictures to share what we saw.

Both Plum Island and Salsbury Beach had birds enjoying the warmth of the afternoon just like we did.

Have a wonderful weekend and for some of us it is a time to turn back the clocks.


13 thoughts on “Covid Got Us

    1. It is Indian Summer here when temps raise into the 60’s, 70’s and at times 80′ after we get our first killing frost. Took his 49 for a ride to top off with gas and then hit the coast for a ride πŸ™‚ again.

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