About Me

Having been a female trucker for 30 years I have seen this country from sea to shining sea. I have traveled over 3 million miles throughout the US and Canada, accident free. This is not counting the miles I traveled for pleasure, in my own autos. The highway has been my life and to be honest I miss it very much.  Once life on the road is in your blood you always hope to get back out there though it seems unlikely most days.

So now I have gone back to my roots.  As a small child I always loved being outside with my brothers and friends.  I loved making something from nothing.  So creative in fact my parents sent me for private art classes, you see only art class and recess while in school mattered to me.  I was always watching the world just outside of the classroom windows wishing I was there and not stuck at a desk.  Seems I chose a perfect profession. Out on the road where each day I was somewhere new with a picture window to always look through.

On this site you will see my photography as well as my latest obsession, Watercolor.  I am new and just learning. I am self taught at all I do, it takes time but it is so much fun to just let go!

You can find me on Facebook at Folsom Mill Studio and LIKE my page if you enjoy what I post of my works there.

Thanks for stopping by.

Pink Poppy fully open

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

Pablo Picasso