Life Gets in The Way

I guess it has been a while since I sat down to fill you in.

I am still doing well on the eating plan though my birthday in March saw no loss but then again, no gain which is a win!

I had to sit in class for 2 weeks straight watching safety movies in order to drive one of the company buses but now that I have been out twice with a trainer and once with another driver behind me, just to show me the ropes around wheelchairs and walkers, I am almost to the point I hope they cut me free to do my own route.

I would like a 4 or 5 am start as I am up then away with his job. He wakes at 3 but I never seem to fall back to sleep.

Flowers have been on my mind since we delivered 300 bowls of these beauties for our supporters.

The turkeys that have been here for 3 years are chasing the females (5 huge males) and the fighting for them has begun.

My pair of Mallards from last year are back looking for handouts now and then. I will pray she gets to keep all of her chicks when they arrive maybe she was young, or this place is just plain crazy wild.

Speaking of wild this is the first time I have had these visit my place and sadly it was my possum that it was cleaning up. I said it was wild here.

Hoping you are all doing well, I am off to catch up on some of yours.


11 thoughts on “Life Gets in The Way

    1. Right! Yes, I worked like crazy to get my yard in order yesterday and today I went to a small garden center 15 min. from me and picked up some Romaine already started and will also add seed to a bed with Kale, Swiss Chard. I will hold off on Tomatoes until June I think and hopefully bypass the hornworms this year. I cannot eat peas well maybe I can but trying hard to stay away from the foods that breakdown into sugar quickly. I will miss them and corn of course they were my favorites šŸ™‚ Now I will plant what I eat which is broccoli, cauliflower, spaghetti squash, garlic, strawberries. Lots of pretty flowers šŸ™‚

  1. Hi Eunice, I hope you are happy now you are back on the road driving a truck, it must bring back many memories for you. I also hope your health is o.k. now and your shoulder isn’t giving you any more problems. Take care. Love this post and the lovely photo’s.

    1. It was crazy for sure but one good thing in all the 35 years of driving a big rig I never watched one now I am even a safer driver, or I hope so I would hate to mess up my 3 million accident-free record with people on board.

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