Wordless Wednesday -I Was Ready For Spring

11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday -I Was Ready For Spring

    1. 18″ on top of the last 12 but nowhere near the 30+ others got and no longer driving in the middle of the night I just watched the snow fall then when and made a few passes with the tractor and yester went out to finish before the warmth and winds arrive. Enjoy the next week! We will go up to Tilton tomorrow for yet another birthday celebration I sure hope I find something on plan 🙂 Nice they want to celebrate me but wish it was doing something fun and not eating 🙂

      1. I know what you mean. Last year I was on such a strict diet to regain my health, when I went to my niece’s for Easter and the only thing I could eat was the asparagus! Luckily, by Sept., I could start adding more things back in. So I sympathize, hang in there!

      2. OH I eat really good but it will be at a diner so I will ask for liver and onions with extra veggies and forgo the mashed potatoes say, for me now it is about making the very best choice I can from what is on the menu but friends see me and are afraid to go out with me as I am dieting. lol I really am just eating certain meats, certain veggies and certain fruit and giving up all the garbage foods, snacks, sugar. Had I known my pain would go away I would have done it 23 years ago. I am glad you got your health back we have too much living to do xo

    1. I know better as well but we have sold over 130 bowls of Pansis so far with 2 weeks to go on our fundraiser, so we are not alone in our desire for kinder weather. They found a dead hummingbird in Kingston NH it is crazy. I am too I just hung mine out and will bring it in each night after supper. Have a great weekend!

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