Snow and More Snow

Well, a few updates as it has been a while since you heard from me.

I quit my driving job and no not because of the snow and lousy road conditions but because the boss has old very old trucks you knew I almost suffered from hypothermia but then on one route, with mail that I deliver to what looks like a house, where there is no dock to back up to and unload safely from.

It is pretty bad when I shove a 3 1/2 foot tall step ladder into the passenger side of the truck along with a long garden rake and 2 laundry baskets, all mine by the way, to try to unload the mail in a small seaport town in NH where there are no mail carriers just post office with po boxes, not really sure that is true as there was 4 carts full when I got done off-loading it.

I had to crawl in a filthy truck on my hands and knees nope I am all set 🙂 I turn 67 on Sunday and I am sure there is someone out there that can use a great driver with wonderful work ethics like showing up early and getting the mail delivered early and parking the truck unharmed which I cannot say is the case with me. I did give it my best effort now time for the gym and lots of walking so I can live a few more years God willing.

Now for good news he bought a 2016 truck for his daily driver, and we drove up to VT not once but twice to get the deal done. He drove it out of here just before 4 a.m. this morning to work. I will do the reg. and insurance for him as he must work to pay for all of his goodies.

So here is what our landscape looks like currently not only in my yard but our mountains here in New England where the weather actually looks like winter finally.

Stay safe where you live, I know here in the states it will get even crazier as the warmth of the south clashes with this cold in the north.


17 thoughts on “Snow and More Snow

  1. Oh my goodness Eunice, what a job !! Glad you quit it especially as there is so much snow about. Have a break and go out and enjoy yourself before you get another job. Happy birthday, you have plenty of life left yet compared to me .This October I shall be age 90. Take care and have a good weekend. Hoping the snow soon clears away.

    1. At my age it certainly would not be pretty had I fallen from that height 😦 so I will look for a nice job maybe Wentworth’s Greenhouse since I always do our garden club fundraisers through them right now selling Pansy Bowls

    1. Thanks, I feel bad I could not do that one last stop without so much pain but last year’s shoulder that was repaired reminded me over and over to not harm myself.

  2. Oh my – And I thought we had a lot of snow this year! Stay inside and warm xx Happy birthday! A cozy blanket and hot drink sound like they would be a great combo for your bday xo

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