My Turkeys are Thankful as am I

Happy Thanksgiving to all the decedents of those who landed at Plimoth (Plymouth MA) Plantation and celebrated their meal in those unknowing times, sort of like now, so enjoy what you have and give thanks.

15 thoughts on “My Turkeys are Thankful as am I

      1. WOW ! That’s great news, keep it up Eunice. I have same problem with diebetes, no sweet stuff. It’s hard but worth it in the long run. Take care and stay healthy. xx

      2. Thing is I bet this is more of a hyperglycemic index type of plan to live on. I miss my coffee I can’t stand it black, so I switched to organic green tea with ginger. Crackers, cookies, pies, fudge, cheesecake you know all the evil stuff I have done away with for 90 days give or take and then live on greens, low sugar veggies, quinoa and berries and apples to stay on the right path with fish, lean meats (4-6 oz.) No dairy, wheat or flour right now. NO SUGAR AT ALL

        Ron should be eating this was his blood sugar each night runs in the 200-300 range before his shot and supper. Now they must check his kidneys.

    1. lol I did thank you. I enjoyed every bit of my 4 oz burger on top of my salad 🙂 then we took his hot rod out to the beach from about a 2 hr ride came home and 3 hours later I got ready for another yummy meal. 2 meals a day all weighed, and I am down 15 pounds in 11 days. it’s a start. Next year’s gardens will be amazing!

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