Journey Ahead

Today I begin another journey for me and me alone. It is for my health such as it is.

Today and tomorrow will be hard for me as I was asked to consume close to 4000 calories on both days and here it is 7:45 and still no food.

This for someone who diets constantly and never sees the scale move very much in either direction is just plain crazy I do not even know where to begin. Breakfast with eggs is what 100 cal. per egg so 2 eggs won’t cut it. Maybe eggs with brown beans and toast to start as starting Thursday there will be no beans or bread, cheese or any type of Milk so much for the coconut 1/2 gal I just bought but meat, certain veggies and certain fruits will be the new norm for 90 days. Wish me luck!

I can paint and walk so for walks the camera will come with me and with snow due tonight I hope to get some pretty shots.

Today the landscape looks to be covered with tiny diamonds and hungry birds.
Have a great day!

14 thoughts on “Journey Ahead

  1. Beautiful works of art!
    4000 calories, Eunice? Wow!
    There are 2236 calories in 1 medium Cheese Pizza. Of course one has to love pizza!

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