Heart Led Watercolor

Be it a make-believe landscape using watercolor or a painting to be used for outfits and gifts for others, it is totally relaxing. The header for this post will be up next.

Watercolor landscape which is make believe.
Now available.

13 thoughts on “Heart Led Watercolor

  1. Love the landscape, the dress is pretty though, you do use great color combinations. Two things hard for artists is knowing what to leave out and knowing when to stop. I have ruined many a piece by trying to include every detail. With watercolor fussing too much usually ends up with a brown mess. But I do let a sketch simmer sometimes if I am not sure what should happen next, set aside and come back.

    1. Thanks, mine is sitting for now and I will sit down to do more never knowing where the next one will go πŸ™‚ I will clean my palette off this morning and start new. The dress is just for fun as a buck is a buck but when the landscapes pour out of me, I hate just plopping things or people into the scene but when I do they sell right away and being one of the poor folks I find myself caving lol

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