Sat and Painted for a Bit

What an eclectic mix right? That’s what happens when you paint from within and not copy something so this is what I call heart led. Watercolors with no rhyme or reason just me with a brush, water and rich pigment on a piece of 100% cotton paper.

Some paintings are designed for use as clothing which are also for sale.

Have a wonderful weekend.

11 thoughts on “Sat and Painted for a Bit

    1. He is working on old truck, and I did all my housework yesterday even mowed the lawn so if he finishes, we will take a ride 20 minuets away for a car show this afternoon.

    1. Thank you. I have written poetry here on WP with a group that gave us prompts when my blog was Nutsfortreasue/LivingandLovin I think I have been here 12 yrs. plus 🙂

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