FOTD-September 12th-Neverending

7 thoughts on “FOTD-September 12th-Neverending

    1. So true soon these parts where I live will have orange pumpkins and red leaves that will steal the show then our color will be SNOW yuck! I still have pain but trying to focus on healing I will see surgeon for 110-day follow-up to see how much longer is needed to be all healed up. Doing so much more mostly night pain so hard to sleep all night. Have a great week what is your world like over there?

  1. Hi Eunice, I hope your next results will be good and perhaps you will get more rest at night then. Here in Crete the weather is still too warm and exhausting even with air conditioning, but we are heading into Autumn so hoping it will get a little cooler. I expect you have heard that Our Queen has passed away so there is so much sadness at the moment. Take care of yourself Eunice.

    1. Yes, over here in the states it is also being broadcast at all times of the day. She was a wonderful woman by all accounts.

      I will get a cortisone shot if pain is still keeping me up. Take care tell your husband I said hello.

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