Gentiana andrewsii

Gentiana andrewsii is a perennial herb that blooms in late summer (August to October). The flowers are 2 to 4 cm (34 to 1+12 in) long, typically a rich blue color and bottle shaped with closed mouths. The flowers are clustered at the top of the plant or in the axis of the top leaves. The stems are 30 to 60 cm (12 to 24 in) long, lax in habit, producing sprawling plants with upturned ends ending with clusters of bee pollinated flowers. The foliage is hairless with a glossy sheen to it.

Their words my photos of a native plant a neighbor found, dug up and gift to me it had one stalk, one flower and we waited to see it bloom and when it didn’t, we went online searching for what it was.

I planted it over 100 yards from where it was down along her side of the river to my upper yard where I added many shade loving plants, and I thought it died until noon yesterday when I realized how huge it had become in 2 years. It’s the little things isn’t it.

Success with my gifted Bottle Gentian really a Perennial Herb. A bee actually wiggles down inside to pollinate this plant and maybe one is inside of the flower on the right side (closer shot I took) I must pay better attention and stop being so lazy, ha ha.

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