Six on Saturday Aug. 13 2022

Joining for the first time.

First round of food garden here in Zone 6 (USA) finishing up.

So many Tomatoes are ready

Flowers are doing amazing after all those 90+ degree days

Petunias and Volunteer Phlox

Baby Bluebird Arrives

Eastern Blue Bird

Is this Sunflower ripe?
Someone appears to think so 🙂


I volunteered to grow some American Indian variety of seeds and will give them back to the Abenaki Nation, here in New England. Skunk beans and Cranberry beans and Crookneck Squash.

Growing food for local Indian Tribe

My beautiful pollinators have been filling this space with joy and acrobatics!

Ruby Throated Hummingbird in NH

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21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday Aug. 13 2022

  1. Photo’s of flowers and birds are beautiful Eunice, and I am envious of your tomatoes. I tried growing some tomatoes in a pot on the balcony but it died. I think I over watered it. Stay safe and have a good day.

  2. Beautiful photos! What a lovely garden and wildlife. How did you get such a good closeup of the baby bluebird?! Saluting your conscientiousness in growing Native American veg seeds for the local tribe. A good reminder. -lisa

    1. Thank you, Lisa, none of the birds here give me a thought and I always try to zoom in and get as much detail as I can as wild things beauty needs to be seen to appreciate them. I got lucky, I saw a post or write-up from the Historical Society and wanted to try as my home sits in an area like I said where they used to call home.

  3. Eunice, you are so amazing talented.
    You have a great heart – LOVE that you are growing American Indian variety of seeds. Right on!

    1. 🙂 so happy I saw the invite for anyone to do so I think they got 50 of us involved I just had to add them late due to shoulder surgery and pain after, but they are looking awesome!

  4. Love the hummingbird. We finally put up a hummingbird feeder this summer and get so much enjoyment out of their visits. Your garden looks luscious. I wish you could see the size of my tomatoes! Less than 2 inches in diameter, some probably less than an inch. LOL

    1. What type of tomato are you growing I put mine in 30 days earlier than I should have but I had the weather and mine are Early Girls and Chef’s Choice(yellow/orange) Chefs are 2 lb. maybe a few 3 pounders for some still on the vine I use a mix of super soil and tons of sunshine and good deep watering never any food but for the soil. You will have many Hummingbirds all year we I have them from Mother’s Day though maybe Sept if the weather stays warm enough. Enjoy those moments xo

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