Life in the Heat

One of 2 males that call my place home.

Most know I really enjoy the birds at my place but like so many places here in the US and abroad this heat is killing them.

We will receive our hottest weather today which will be over 100F and for New England, along the coast, that is far from the norm. Yes, heatwaves are normal but this long no and never with so little rain, wait this is not a weather report lol

It’s about my hot residents and doing what I can in my beautiful spot to help them make it through it along with us.

I keep the lawn areas high for them to sleep in the areas that turn to shade as the sun moves across the yard. I have so many plants and trees that provide them food and shelter along with a so-called river that is sketchy at best, with so many blooms happening making the waters in NH unsafe for even swimming or letting dogs go into never mind the wildlife that depend on it for their survival. They never test rivers for cyanobacteria which form blooms in polluted water, but they shut down known swimming areas when fecal numbers are too high then re-test a day or two later and let everyone back in.

The thing about fresh water is we all need it and these bodies of water feed our aquifers which fill our private wells scary stuff for sure so yes, the US doesn’t pave their streets in gold as once thought.

OK folks back to the show lol

2nd Male
Insects too
Bee Balm
Hummingbird Moths
No matter how dry it’s been with the heavy mulch I worked hard to lay down with my tractor, while I waited for surgery, it seems to have kept my space thriving. Giving all living things a space to seek shelter or to dine on the bugs.

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11 thoughts on “Life in the Heat

  1. Oh Eunice ! you are so caring and I am sure the animals know this, which is why they hang around your lovely garden. You certainly know your plants. I have only just learnt that if you plant lavender in the garden it keeps away the mosquitoes so we bought 10 yesterday to make a hedge around the paths. I used to worry about John’s birds in the aviary, however our two main trees have grown so tall it shelters them and I am amazed how cool it keeps the birds. Hope your shoulder is healing ok Eunice take care and stay safe.

    1. Thank you, Rita, and if the Lavendar doesn’t work your place will smell great and have happy bees πŸ™‚

      Good and bad days at 5 weeks guess it is to be expected.

      Yes I too am thankful for some huge trees I used to be in full sun all day long.

      My best to you both xo

  2. Sounds like we are going through similar problems together. We are worrying about your fledgling birds which this year seem determined to fly into all the windows in the house. We have put up lots of bird shapes dangling in front of the glass. Luckily most of them just stun themselves and get up and fly away. We are putting lots of water bowls out all over the garden and re-filling our garden pond which has run dry numerous times this summer.

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