Slowly but Surely Painting Again

I am able to do a little more each day after just 4 weeks out of the shoulder surgery. I am thankful for the ORTHO LAZER treatments I did and with just 6 visits it got me through the really bad pain. You must locate one if you have knee or shoulder surgery. Visits were not cheap for me as Medicare has yet to authorize its use, but I will appeal that I did not need more than 20 opioids before switching to an NSAID and Tylenol.

Yesterday I had PT as I do 2x’s a week (hate just one stretch she does, the one bent at the elbow and she pushes down. OUCH but I can do so much more most days so I will stay the course.

Yesterday I came home and got ready for a potential storm I say potential as most miss us leaving the soil dry and me yanking a hose around to water just the food gardens.

Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Swiss Chard, Lettuce, Kale, Carrots and Gourds (weeds too)

Knowing I was looking at potential surgery back in February I decided to just plant the basics I will eat daily, and it worked out perfectly. I planted just enough Snow and Sugar Snap peas for some salads and soups and cleaned out the box.

Two days ago, I dug out my package of seeds I was given by the Hopkinton Historical Society. I signed up before I was hurt for a project with the Abenaki Indians here in NH to grow some food and save seeds for them. I was given 5 Skunk Beans, 5 Cranberry Beans and 3 Crookneck Squash seeds to do my part. They are all in now and cannot wait to see how they grow. I will eat a few beans from each plant but mostly bring them fresh to their farmers market or let them dry in place, shell them and bring them when the squash is ready to harvest.

I have been painting like the title states mind you they are small but all for sale.

Getting back to my paints.
Abstract Blue Toned Heart
Finally, a landscape began to flow out onto my paper.

Grateful to be retired and have no pressure put upon me to do more than I can.

Thankful for this place I call home no matter the cost to me and each day she blesses me with gifts for giving back to the wildlife.

One of two that come through daily
This one was following

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your weekend when it gets here.

22 thoughts on “Slowly but Surely Painting Again

  1. Oh my dear Eunice, thank goodness you feel up to getting back to your paintings this one is lovely, but remember not to overdo things just yet. How sensible of you to plant those which you will eat and it is lucky that the animals that come around don’t tuck into them. Take care and stay safe during these trying times of Covid.

    1. Yes, the world is nuts and I am grateful for all those before me taught me xo I can build, turn a wrench, plant food and so many other things feel bad for those who do not have the skills needed to live in a crazy world plus trying times.

      I have animals who want in I do my best to plant enough that I get some though strawberries are tough with all the visiting birds 🙂 Hope you 2 are well xoxo

    1. I dread going but can do so much more after using the huge Lazer to reduce pain and swelling she wrecks me then I ice and recover much quicker. So happy to paint small and use my camera now and then.

  2. keep up the phys therapy, and soon you’ll be ready for anything… I have my own shoulder pains and stretching always seems to be key… The garden looks great… many blessings there… keeping the deer out of it will be the fun part…

    1. Thanks Jeff 🙂 damn never knew I would hurt after repairs were done maybe it is all the screws in my bone 😦 I was accepted into CASA with my watercolor that is a bright spot pain is horrific medicated cream coming Thursday night and I just tested positive for Lyme I love my land, but these wild ones are being devoured 😦

    1. Thank you and thank you and thanks so much, boy I am not complete yet but a far cry from the last 6 months for sure

      Deer here daily and this week baby raccoons have made an appearance I will blog tonight I hope.

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