Spring Arrives on the Calendar

For those of us who hate high heating bills or being colder than we want the time for warmth has arrived.

The sunshine we had on Friday was glorious with temperatures rising into the 70’s F then rain followed yesterday which was a good day to pop into Aldi’s (I’m new to this place but I like it) and I grabbed just a few things and we were off for home, from Portsmouth, the rains stopped for a bit which was even better.

Oddly enough I painted on Friday inside on and off until I had to go get my injection in my shoulder which has been in horrible pain for months maybe since I fell in January, but I had never put the two together as the black knee and lower leg kept my mind off the rest of me.

Here is my painting with lots of greens I assume because of Saint Patrick’s Day or spring arriving.

Blue Place on the Hill by E. Miller is for sale. $195 US

I had laid my custom mixed colors onto a very wet piece of 140cp piece of paper and let them do their thing until it dried a bit so I could lift out the building and to also add some details.

I also shot so many photos of the wildlife enjoying the sunshine with me, caring less I was outside reading a book with them. I think shooting them through the glass does them no justice as they are so beautiful when caught through the glass of my Nikon.

Bluebird also watching the Cooper Hawk overhead ready to make an escape if needed
Scanning and screaming as it worked its way over my landscape.

My Mallards flew in to say hello and to beg for some cracked corn maybe the water being so deep from flooding, caused by those beavers, keeps them from getting to the riverbed for yummy things or simply they came to see me and now with Avian Flu here in New Hampshire I pray the ducks remain healthy as all the neighbors’ raising ducks and chickens will lose their flocks as it spreads through droppings.

Male Mallard
Female who brought me all the ducklings last year.

The wildlife is also loving the warmer weather, and all will have young here soon enough. This morning a raccoon woke me at 3:30 am turning all the outdoor lights on in the backyard. Sorry no photos I was too sleepy.

Enjoy your day and stay safe.

15 thoughts on “Spring Arrives on the Calendar

  1. WOW Love the photos of your wildlife Eunice especially the Mallard. Also your painting you are certainly a professional now. Glad the weather has warmed up for you. shall be well pleased when it warms up here, it’s still freezing cold with powerful winds. Take care and hope you are soon relieved of so much pain.

    1. You are so kind friend xo oh we know of the winds you speak of I so hope they do not return here give me snow, rain or sun but no wind! lol Now you can say you knew me when love you my best to your other half. Ron is working very hard at his new job and today working on his 49 chevy panel truck before going back to the grind tomorrow. He does love welding and making lots of money to whittle down his bills which makes me even happier.

  2. Sounds like spring is coming Eunice! It hasn’t been that warm here yet, but maybe this week…. 🀞 Love that new painting. Take care of yourself. I know how bad shoulder pain can be.

    1. Thank you and my garden seeds go in tomorrow! Raised beds are the best here and the cool crops will love it. I found 6 grubs’ which I stepped on I should have tossed them to the birds.

    1. The truly are tomorrow my Peas, Beets, Kale, Swiss Chard and Spinach go into the raised beds I checked the soil, and it is ready to go for the cool crops. Have a great week!

    1. Wow that bad 😦 I will pay attention to my area and holler at Fish and Game should I see anything worrisome. Take care damn like the pandemic and impending war was not enough.

  3. Lovely pictures of the creatures! I think Spring really arrives. I’ve been hoping Sir Phil (groundhog) is wrong about his prediction this year. I now start to think that he is really wrong πŸ™‚

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