Snow Then Warmth Then More Snow

OH, March how I love you!

Besides being born in the first week of March
many flowers if given a chance can begin their progress and you know I love flowers but with this weather, which is truly NUTS, not sure what will survive but we know nature has its way right.

Forest covered in fresh snow 3-10-2022

We had been in the 30’s and 40’s then the forecast said a chance of snow, but it would only stick to the grass, sure, as I woke to almost 4 inches with temps and they said temps were about to soar into the 40’s and 50’s F I didn’t believe them, would you?

Front drive

I have a very small car and have been waiting patiently for a call for an injection in my shoulder, so I got the John Deere out and made a pass along my driveway as well as the whole town road, yes that is how bad the shoulder has been, I needed to get out if the call came.


Well, they were right by 3:00 p.m. when I got the call from the doctor’s office, to set up an appointment (a week from now mind you), the snow had all but melted leaving mud everywhere.

Sun coming out

You can see by the pretty sky there was a chance they may be right this time, but having had to move the snow I was not impressed with the mess this beauty left behind.

The river’s edge

So now for today, Friday, it will be glorious. Temps in the 40’s and 50’s with guess what, yes more snow, some parts of my state seeing 12+ inches great for spring skiing but for gardeners oops not so much.

Well again they are forecasting for my area a light coating to 3″ I guess I will have to be prepared this time starting with buying $5-$6 a gallon of diesel for the tractor. You all know the pain if you live on a fixed income, we have to make what little we are allotted monthly to spread just a little thinner.

My dusting of snow
Yes, we had grass appearing.

One more parting shot of pretty snow-covered trees as I signoff and get ready for whatever comes our way, though the winds are something I cannot do anything about except to love these trees while I still have them standing.

Please stay safe if you are in harm’s way on the other side of the world. I cannot imagine living through a pandemic to now be in the middle of a war zone, so though I complain about the weather know that I know it is very trivial but that you are all in my prayers to get through this and for the insanity to stop. I am praying you can rejoin your family members that had to stay and fight.

Hickory Trees in NH


28 thoughts on “Snow Then Warmth Then More Snow

  1. Happy Birthday to my fellow Pisces! My b’day is March 1, and it is always a great source of spring anticipation and expectations, usually short-lived as we experience the reality of the month. However, when it snows now, we always tell each other “it won’t last” and usually we are right.
    It sure was pretty though.

    1. Happy Birthday I was 4 days later 🙂 I repeat those same words all the while trying not to race through the month as seasons are really so fleeting in actuality aren’t they ❤

      Pretty as a photo for sure and the warmth of the afternoon was so welcome.

  2. Wonderful photo’s . I try ignoring age now well as much as possible, the niggly aches and pains remind me enough anyway. Keep active Eunice, that’s the secret. I have wished you Happy Birthday so hope you had a good one. Take care.

  3. Many happy returns Eunice! 🤗 It looks really pretty, BUT…!!! I know what it’s like when you have to clear it. Hope we don’t get any snow now as plants are starting to show through the ground. It has been pretty mild this year.

  4. The snow scenes are delightful to look at but not so much fun when travel is a necessity. I hope that your appointment is free from any hitches.

    1. Thank you praying for snow to be less than an inch lol and that the shot frees me of pain to hold off any surgery for summer and fall when I have nothing physical I must do here (gardens) I need to do a lot of raking once it warms. The snow is pretty for sure but todays 40 to 60 mph winds maybe the worst of the storm to my north and west they may get close to 20 inches.

  5. Happy Birthday, Eunice!
    Nature is full of surprises in March, isn’t she? Hope you are spared the worst of this next storm. March is a pretty crazy month weather-wise!

    1. Thank you and yes March is a wild one for sure maybe after Thursday when I get a shot injected into the shoulder joint, I can hate snow removal a bit less. I have been in so much pain since January 8 when I fell maybe it is my collarbone 😦 Stay say those winds will be nasty.

  6. There is such beauty in a white world, less so when it begins melting or when you have to get out. Enjoy the gifts of your birthday year.

    1. Thank you and yes, our four seasons teach us about beauty and surly appreciation for nature xo This week the temperatures will be more kind to us and our wallets if we stay close to home. Enjoy every moment with less ice.

  7. The snow looks beautiful in those photos! Over here, we’ve had more snow than we are used to (although not in March like you). Some of my plants ceased to exist after the harsh temperatures but a few made it through – They are hardy!

    1. It truly has been a crazy year weather wise too 🙂 We had some really frigid days then days in the 60’s and 70’s NUTS Now I am watching all the birds gather their mates as we await for the nest building ❤ Keep smiling Christy.

    1. Freshly fallen snow is very pretty it is when it gets filthy not so much. I will add seeds here to my garden today, but I have had my Lilacs bent to the ground in late spring snowstorms it is part of New England weather for sure.

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