Some Snow and Lots of Wind

So many species spent the whole day here for a handout

We got snow but not what those 30 minuets to our south got, they got clearly double what actually fell here in NH closer to the seacoast.

Snow makes for pretty pictures put for those of us old with injuries not so much fun to clean up after and did I tell you about the wind, yikes it was so cold out on my tractor trying to move it and that took 2 days and when it hits 40 on Wednesday, I will start her back up and push back the piles before more snow, rain and ice arrive.

More food demands this male cardinal

I went out in the height the first day to move 6 inches thinking we would receive 24 in total (Boston got that!) I say we had about 10-12″ dump on us and it was said to be light and fluffy though it took forever to push away from my place with so much drifting.

Windrow the town leaves in front of my driveway

So, on the 2nd day it was -10F with wind gusts 30+mph and with the sunrise I headed back out and worked until noon you see there were 2 football games to watch.

Much better now we could get out if we needed it too.
I used a 1/4 of a tank of fuel for this storm
Gardens are now truly under snow
Food gardens too I prefer they are just covered in mulch ha ha

Well, that is our look until the next one rolls in. To those who receive it first stay safe to those in sunny and warm locations what kind of weather must you deal with I am looking for a perfect place to stay during winters in the near future lol

Take care

11 thoughts on “Some Snow and Lots of Wind

  1. You need a winter beach house in Florida! LOL! It looks so pretty, but I know how much work it must be. We have been lucky this winter so far. Take it easy Eunice. β˜ƒοΈβ˜€οΈ

    1. We had it easy with just 2 storms, but the ice takes the fun away. More junk coming this Thursday and Friday as it is really winter until it isn’t here in New England lol. FL sounds nice but tornados and this past week they were all in heavy coats πŸ™‚ no place it seems is safe like it used to be 😦 What is your place doing? I saw some blip on TV.

      1. Very mild so far this winter… well, still,cold and very damp but only a bit of snow now and then and then it melts and the wind blows! Can’t wait till it warms up a little and the wind drops. The mountains south of us have had loads of snow, but not us!

      2. Yes, wind is a killer for many of my bushes burning roses etc. so thankful for all the snow I could mound up to protect them. We have another nightmare arriving tonight rain then sleet then ice and to top it off maybe 6 more inches of heavy wet snow. We do this until April most years lol

  2. Snow looks so beautiful but is can be so hard to live with. I like how you put it as “those of us old with injuries not so much fun”.. That is a real fact of life… Please take care.

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