A Storm is Brewing

The snow at our place right now is actually frozen mounds but with 12″ to 24+” of new snow forecast to dump on us all day tomorrow things should get interesting.

They say with it being so cold the fluff factor will be kicking in and oh the winds, don’t forget the winds! A blizzard is what they are saying for those of us up here in New England. Our winds are expected to exceed 35mph with parts of Cape Cod Massachusetts getting to hurricane force levels which means the beaches I love and take you to all the time will be battered and bruised once again.

There is also great possibility of power outages I am sure it will be all over the news come Sunday morning.

I will ready this place by greasing my tractor today and top her off with fuel. I have had it plugged in keeping its oil warm all this week with brutal temps which have been well below zero, with the windchills even more brrrrr.

She has a garage now, but I will look like this.
She will be ready!

I painted a bit more and will again Saturday as the snow falls going out only to shovel pathways to feed the ground feeding birds.

Male Northern Cardinal
Getting ready for a Solo Art Show

For those impacted by this latest storm forecast please stay safe and it is also safe to say the bread, milk and egg isles will be sparse as well as bathtubs and buckets filled with water.

See you on the other side of the winter wonderland!

roof raking in nh
No, we will no longer get up on the roof lol


21 thoughts on “A Storm is Brewing

  1. Hoping you don’t lose power. Here in Virginia, we’re forecast to get anywhere from 1-6 inches (it’s always a guess!). As always, love your photos and paintings.

    1. lol one way or another I would have diesel again. ha ha I put in a new driveway in and moved my garden and added 4 new gardens. I just told Ron maybe I don’t need it anymore and then this forecast which I would have to shovel or snowplow the whole property. It has been just what I needed when everyone thought I was crazy except my neighbor, and she has one even bigger 🙂

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