Cold Not Stopping Us

Hello everyone

Well, the cold has not been keeping us inside and my leg though still badly bruised has gotten a lot less painful which helps a lot when it comes to getting outside for some fun.

Portland Head Light

As we went in search of our visiting eagle there, were times I just wanted to get out and walk by the sea, so I pulled into this old site where a pretty old lighthouse and a newer model sit.

Lighthouse in Maine
You can never have too many lights along this rocky coast.

Here in New Hampshire, we have just an 18-mile stretch of coastline which sits between Massachusetts which has 1500 including Cape Cod area and Maine with its many inlets 3,478 total miles. Now MA and NH have many sandy beaches but Maine on the other hand not so much it is more of a rugged landscape.

I am so happy I was born and raised in New England where the beauty just never ends. Besides the sea we have amazing mountains, gorgeous forests and farmland too.

How is that for a rocky coastline?

It has been hard to focus as we are getting ready to close the door on yet another January from hell for the whole world so do your best to get outside for some much-needed exercise and fresh air.

Take Care

11 thoughts on “Cold Not Stopping Us

  1. Hi Eunice, what did you do to your leg ?, I must have missed a post when my old computer packed up. Hope you are ok now. It is indeed a lovely part of the world where you live, the photo’s are lovely. Take care

    1. Fell really bad on ice on the 8th what a mess the whole left leg was black from the knee to the ankle and painful to the touch, but color has moved down into my calf and shin now leaving the knee huge but pain free oddly but thankfully πŸ™‚ my yard was treacherous, so I hired a many to spread sand and salt. Another storm looms this coming Friday night and all-day Sat. just hope it is SNOW πŸ™‚

  2. I know what you mean to get out and walk. I am not as good during cold winter time. It keeps me inside but the last couple of days, it was decently warm enough to go out. Yea!.

    I like your picture of the closer look at the lighthouse. The sky above is pleasing blue…

    1. I am glad you got some fresh air yes; the cold and ice make it brutal to think about stepping outside so we take long rides.

      It was a gorgeous blue sky and sunshine it was so welcome ❀

  3. Good advice. I should get outside more in winter, but it has been so grey and wet! I hate January, so will be glad when February arrives and it is a nice short month too! πŸ˜‰ Glad you have been able to get out with your bad leg. Hope it gets better quickly. πŸ€—

    1. Our forecast is for 1 to 2 feet of snow possible here close to the sea praying for the system to wiggle and take it all up into the mountains lol I guess I could use 6″ for the gardens just NO MORE ICE yes, it is a mindset now for me as I hobble around. It has been -6F to 20F for a lot of the month of January so when we take off in the car in search of more beauty we pack hats, gloves and heavy coats for when we leave the warmth of the car.

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