It’s 2022

I am hoping you were all able to enjoy one night of celebration, as we put 2021 in our rear-view mirror.

Harbour Seals rest as the tides pull out.

We spent New Year’s Eve by the sea as it was in the 40’s (F) and after getting lots of walking in and photo snapping, we sat and enjoyed a wonderful meal together at a local restaurant and returned home before all the normal NYE’s celebrations began.

Watching ducks in between walks. These are Long Tail Ducks.

The ride home allowed us to once again enjoy all the festive holiday lights Americans are known for adding each year to their properties. We fell in love with one display and stopped to inquire where they had purchased it and with info in hand we went home and ordered one to put up when it is warm and turn on next holiday season to go along with little solar lights on all those tiny trees, I planted 3 years ago. Of course, I will share a video as that is ready to go.

This Seal looks as if it had been carved from granite so beautiful and still

Here’s hoping you can step out and find a wild spot to enjoy and take a deep unmasked breath and feel free once again.


7 thoughts on “It’s 2022

    1. Yes I have to stay home tomorrow and fast so seems like a perfect day to do that then procedure on Tuesday hope I drop 10 lbs and don’t find it lol Stay warm

  1. That seal really does look like part of the rock it is resting on. I am so fed up with the masks too, but rarely go anywhere these days anyway! LOL! Take care Eunice. xx

    1. These seals growl I guess I would too if I had to crawl up and stay on a rock for 6 hrs. 🙂 Yes, I stick around unless I take a ride and go outside like here no one really around.

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