With Just the New Year Left to Ring In

How was your holiday? Did you once again make the best of yet another one with Covid all around you? So many had to endure yet another Christmas with a loved one now gone and their spot at the table empty.
I am sorry for your loss.

Male Northern Cardinal on snow.
Male Northern Cardinal

We have had ice then a few inches of snow on top of it and yes underfoot it can be treacherous but, on the trees, it is very pretty and if you have enough light to capture it with it can also be pretty in a photograph. These images just don’t do it justice.

Snow- and Ice-covered trees in NH.
Snow scene in Epping NH

That snag in the foreground used to be a gorgeous Weeping Willow but with the windstorm in November its top half came crashing down. The beavers caused this trees demise by girthing the tree (chewing all around the base) and now 8-10 years later it has given up its fight.

You see Beavers love eating Willow trees and this one was over 30 years old. I planted 3 more in the lower corner where they flood my land constantly and I also added fencing around all 3 saplings as I battled mother nature but one night the water rose, and they swam right up and topped two of my three new trees. Willows are tough when they have a supply of water, but they will not be gorgeous as the pruning they did was all wrong, lol you just can’t fight it can you, mother nature that is.

Winter photograph.
Thankfully I have many trees that provide food and shelter for the crew who shares this space with me.

Thankfully I have the tools to clean the area up to keep us safe but still on this for 3 hours takes its toll. One good thing is it usually doesn’t snow every day lol

John Deere tractor in snow scene.
Such a smart buy!

Stay safe everyone and as we ring in, yet another year, do what you can to be here next year (next week).

Happy New Year Everyone

15 thoughts on “With Just the New Year Left to Ring In

  1. I think I understand how you feel to help the trees from those ‘professionals’ (beavers). I called these critters (such in my case slugs that I often see coming to eat plants) ‘professionals’ as they are so good at what they are doing. But I still like them.

    Please stay safe as well. Happy New Year (a little ahead).

    1. Happy New Year to you as well. When I didn’t live along a river, I never gave them much thought but when they dropped a Poplar on my house it became personal, I guess 🙂 mind you they cleaned it all up before I could get the oil in the chainsaw and back to the house lol busy beavers for sure on a mission of their own.

  2. Pretty! And you’re right… you can’t fight nature as it will always do what it wants! Take care and Happy New Year Eunice!

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