Solstice In a New England Landscape

Winter finally arrived here in my area. We have been very spoiled with 40-to-60-degree temperatures. Those are no longer our readings this week they say in the teens (Fahrenheit)most evenings. Today a nice respite from the icy 4 inch mix we received so I will try to get things cleaned up a bit better to lower the risk of falls.

We also had our last full moon of the year, and she was a beauty, but I waited until sunrise to take its photo actually because I could get a clear shot with it not hidden behind all the tall trees here.

December 2021 Full Moon shot in NH as the sunrise was casting it's beauty
December 2021 Full Moon

All my little seed lovers have arrived back with the frigid temperatures, and they were happy to see I had left all my flower stalks in place a messy garden is what they dig and less work in autumn works for me as well.

Male Northern Cardinal
The Cardinals go from the feeders to the ground and into the gardens along with Finches and Sparrows

May you all have a wonderful holiday season and for those who celebrate Christmas make it as merry as you can. We will take long rides, look for treasure and take many photos, I am sure.

Let’s all pray the nightmare known as COVID goes away back to where it came from. The two of us have to be tested tonight and if clear that will be our presents.


12 thoughts on “Solstice In a New England Landscape

  1. Lovely shot of the moon Eunice. Have a wonderful X,mas and every good wish for the coming New Year 2020. Lets hope it will be Covid free and we can all get back as much to normal living as possible. Take care of each other.

  2. Very nice winter scene (but I rather just see your picture than seeing it real :)). I am also glad that we have just passed the peak of the shortest day already too.

  3. Very excited place to visit. in holidays everyone must visit on these places 😊😊

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