How is Everyone?

Well, my girl up in the header here is finally getting around so well I have not seen her in days. I am praying the flock accepted her back and a hunter didn’t take her. She hurt her leg really bad and could not roost in a tree, so another turkey stayed with her, and they slept at my place and ate without fear of being attacked as I stayed out with them.

In the photo you can see one leg is pale, but she can perch on my swings railing. Winters are harsh for turkey so I am glad I could give her help that she needed.

The Flock

Last week they showed up and she fought hard to rejoin them which makes my heart happy. Now she will bring back babies come spring if all goes well.

I have been painting again and took a ride to the beach today. I also was gifted many loads of free wood chips as they cleared my area of overgrowth placing the electrical wires in peril during storms.

This link is the painting from the other night after supper just a quickie!

Along the shores of the Merrimack River
This is 3 piles of the 15 I have and smaller piles all over in flower gardens.

Take care of yourselves as the final push is upon us for the holiday season and there is that damn virus still making so many sick.


14 thoughts on “How is Everyone?

  1. Good news about your hen turkey, Eunice. Life in the wild is tenuous to say the least.
    Enjoy the holiday season, appreciating each day as it comes. ❤

    1. Thank you loved your bubble 🙂 I celebrate Christ’s birthday but these days not so much the commercial part which is easy with no family close by. We will go with the flow if it is nice, we will head to the beach and if raw out stay home kick back I have one month before I have my lung checked again just praying what they saw was a fluke and it is gone 🙂

  2. I love that you look after the wild birds and other animals Eunice,I know that feeling of warmth inside you to know that you have helped them. I am sure they appreciate it because they keep coming back. I too hope you and everyone stays safe from the dam new variant and we can enjoy X,mas. Love the painting Take care. X

  3. Good to hear your turkey has recovered. I love seeing pictures of all the birds you get visiting your yard! That woodchipping looks great, but a lot of work, even with the tractor. Take care Eunice! xx

    1. Thanks, the large piles are for new gardens and touch ups I have small piles everywhere in the yard I just need to rake in place, and we have the perfect week to do it weatherwise! I about an hours’ worth with steel rake and plastic pitchfork just need to protect my shoulder but I feel good right now 🙂

  4. That’s quite a turkey flock you have there. I love to watch them but my husband hates walking through piles of poo and chases them away from our bird feeders when ever he sees them. Needless to say, they’re more stubborn than him.

    1. I garden so manure is welcome in most forms 🙂 the neighbor hates when her dog wants to roll in it down in my yard, we have had so much rain most washes away and into the soil thankfully they do not stay long as they forage.

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