Soon It Will Be Thanksgiving

Artwork for Cards, Stickers and Ornaments

So with Thanksgiving fast approaching for Americans I sat down with my Watercolors to make art for the online shops I have. Just quick paintings that have the winter feel but not so much religious.

We all need to search for Joy after almost two years of Covid.

I have another on the table I was going to wait on drying to decide if there is anything else I need to add. The snowman above I made with just the moon then I made one with the moon, then added Santa but then I added a Cardinal as I miss my family so much and even more so during the holiday season.

So now with 3 images locked away on a SD card it can be relatable to even more folks if they like it that is.

Holiday stickers, face masks even totes for gift giving and pillows for a touch of a winter theme.

Actually it is just plain fun to play!

Stay safe as the holiday season is about to begin and number once again are on the rise.

13 thoughts on “Soon It Will Be Thanksgiving

  1. Eunice!
    That snow man is brilliant!
    We had thanksgiving here in Canada over a month ago, so there was no snow.
    I know your Thanksgiving has come ad gone. That doe not minimize my good wishes for you.
    I wish you a fabulous holiday season!

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