First Week of November

It has finally gone below 30F here in this area of NH which is close to the Atlantic Ocean. For me the pace slows down as I let all my hard work just be. I no longer stress about deadheading as the birds will devour and disperse the seeds naturally along with our winter winds.

So, with that said what will I do? I will actually keep taking long rides to each New England state and along with my cameras I will try to gather inspiration for artwork or for the gardens next spring.

#pophambeach #maine

This dog waited patiently as its owner tried over and over to catch a wave talk about a loyal companion.

#surfer barely seen in the crashing waves

The State of Maine had my attention this week but really the sea. I would have a horrible time being too far away from salt water.

Everyone was there to enjoy the sunshine and 50F weather.

Hope you are all doing well.

32 thoughts on “First Week of November

      1. OH yes never have I gone in over my calves since then πŸ™‚ Cape Cod is crazy but MA, NH and Maine have all had great whites close to sure as we have gorgeous seals.

      2. Oh, the poor seals. When I was young we used to swim off the east coast of England and the seals would swim close and come and have a look at us! πŸ˜ƒ No sharks there thank goodness. But we had terrible jellyfish some years.

      3. Wow no sharks that would be wonderful but at times we get those jellyfish too maybe called man o war? We had t watch JT as she would pick up things that looked like balls I could through to her.

  1. Hi Eunice Love all your photo’s, that sea looks pretty rough, a bit like here when its windy. Nice that you are getting out taking more photo’s. Take care stay safe and be happy.

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