So We Wait

Seems we may be a bit to close for comfort with this impending storm.

Right now we are being told it will make landfall on the tip of Long Island NY
though when I watch the maps and the high and low looking to stall as well as steer, this monster elsewhere, I worry about western CT and NYC being in the cone of this storm. I say we get 30 to 40 mph winds and maybe an inch or two of rain.

Praying it stays a CAT 1 storm and that it doesn’t leave a path of destruction or power outages with the heat we have been dealing with would be crazy for many.
We have had Gloria and Bob both of which were not bad but Irene changed the landscape of VT with massive flooding.

So today I enjoyed the gardens at the library while pulling weeds and then came home and did the same at my place. I sure hope sweating helps to lose weight. Ha Ha.

Here are some snapshots of what it looked like today before tomorrows storm rolls in.

Library Landscape growing nicely
Maybe I should take the green cover off?
Oops it moved in mid snap
Injured Wild Turkey loves my side garden.

Stay safe if you are in Henri’s path.

12 thoughts on “So We Wait

  1. Yes, it is a waiting game now… I spent the afternoon cutting every viable zinnia, dahlia and a few gloriosa daisies from my garden to enjoy inside as I expect the garden to get pretty battered. The storm is tracking very close to us and I’m so worried that we’ll have another Irene, with all those roads and bridges washed out. Our river was muddy for 3 weeks. What a mess it was. Fingers crossed it isn’t that bad, but only time will tell. Stay safe!

    1. Keeping you in my prayers Irene was bad up along rte 4 in VT as well 😦 I left all my flowers out there but will bring greenhouse cover in
      Stay safe;. My better half is in the northeast kingdom of VT helping a friend with welding praying he doesn’t get on the road until after it passes but you know some men

  2. Button down the hatches, as they say in England! Hope your garden and the wildlife are storm-proof and it doesn’t hit too hard. xx

    1. We were blessed but other areas got 6 to 17″ of rain while our west burns to the ground it is hard to imagine the world remaining with just the destruction in USA never mind all that is happening around the world 😦 so thankful like you to have a wonderful space to escape from the world into take care Cathy

      Picking so many veggies now and they are so good for us.

  3. OMG ! Eunice I sure hope the storm misses you, that was wise of you to do the gardening early but if it was me I would be molly coddling them and covering them all up Stay safe and hang in there we are thinking of you.

    1. All is good it came into RI and swept into NJ and NYC as I thought it would we got a gentle soaking rain which was perfect today as it turns we may get more I just hope the system heads towards all of you with some gentle rains and lower temps. xo

      1. Thanks for the good wishes Eunice, glad to hear you only got a gentle soaking, we sure could do with some rain here. Have a good week and stay safe,

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