Ghost Flowers

Also known as Indian Pipes

Ghost Flowers or Indian Pipes as they are known here in New England USA
Popped up in my yard maybe due to all the rain or shredded mulch from branches.

Here is what experts have to say about them.

The header is mother duck and just one duckling from this morning I am hoping it just is unable to fly quite yet

Have a great night.

8 thoughts on “Ghost Flowers

  1. The mother and the young look cute. I do not know the ghost flowers look interesting. I just looked them up a bit. It seems like it has medical property.

    1. Yes I read that as well very interesting to just show up in my yard after being here 30+ years but I love that they did.

      The mother duck came with her 3 today and the youngest one now has a hurt foot not sure what is in this river that is hurting them besides snapping turtles maybe or river otters maybe 😦

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