The Gardens Received Plenty of Attention

An updated post on our library gardens.

Epping Garden Club

A take on the Square Foot Gardening from the 80’s

It is producing nicely. This is a photo from 3 weeks ago.

Veggies garden club members started from seed.

Children’s books are also featured. One of the Trustees makes the cutouts to go with the book.

The Sensory Garden took shape in the donated canoe.

A cutting garden keeps a vase full inside the library to greet visitors.

The native landscape is also loving all the heavy rains.

So with our $1000.00 grant from the Nation Garden Club “Plant America” award we have exceeded even our expectations.

We no sooner had all the gardens planted when we were told by our town we were not to water it, as they posted a water ban. It had been dry but we were never in a drought. The town always has issues as I am sure others do but seriously no even/odd…

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10 thoughts on “The Gardens Received Plenty of Attention

      1. OH the water ban, silly me, yes after I did rain dances and we received almost 12″ of rain they had to take down their ridicules sign 🙂

  1. A fantastic project Eunice! It all looks so healthy. Always the same with the rain… after three drought years I planted drought-loving plants in this garden and then it just rained and rained this spring! LOL! Well done to you and your garden club! 😃

  2. WOW ! those plants look so healthy Eunice, You can’t beat nature can you with regards to rain. You have certainly worked hard with your gardening club. Greece has a heat wave at the moment which is supposed to last all the rest of the week, up to 45deg so much too hot to work in the garden. Take care and keep up the good work.

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