New England In Full Bloom

Fall here gets all the glory but summer this year, with all the rain we have received, has many here turning to gardening.

Now I have been growing things for most of my life first with my mom then grandmother and since 78 with my first home.

I have lived in my present location since 88 except for a eight month stay in Florida
then back home. Much has changed since I moved here in October 1988. I have also changed funny how that works. Happy girl happy life.

All about our Pollinators
All kinds live here
My garden needs a variety to pop in and do their thing

The flooding only gets worse with all of the beaver dams though the recent rains may have done a number on them as the river flowed through my yard at a good clip but with all of that I had the ducks.

18 thoughts on “New England In Full Bloom

  1. Nice to see all your plants thriving Eunice. Despite the heatwave we are having. we could do with some rain here because watering with a hose just isn’t the same as rain.. Thanks for the lovely photo’s Gardening is a good therapy. Take care.

    1. It sure is on all accounts Rita xo Last year so dry but perennials are tough well I plant a lot of natives with the fancy variety and annuals, those need constant food and water Have a wonderful evening hope it cools off and you see rain soon do you have a rain barrel?

      1. No we just water from an outside tap with a hose. That’s worth thinking about though Eunice I will suggest it to my other half !!

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