Still Under The Weather

To my followers sorry I have been away for so long. So much has gone on but actually nothing for answers.

I have been sick (coughing and breathing issues) in and out of doctor offices my least favorite place. This last visit they treated me for double pneumonia or it might be potential lung cancer as there was a 4mm nodule in one lung and a 15mm seen in the other one. I had a lot of back pain but figured it was from coughing so did all the meds and feel a little better now on GERD meds as they think that the valve from coughing needed help healing. I swear I turned 65 in March and the bottom dropped out.

Now mind you I had a garden to get in and a yard to care for so on days I was up to it and as the cough allowed I worked outside until the rains and I mean rains arrived. I am sorry for my friends who are watching their states and countries burn.

These two became parents to 8 but then something happened to him.

I found a baby duckling all by itself in the big bad river and it kept following me up to the house very far away for a few days old duckling and I had no way of knowing where the parents were. So I took it to a rehabber in York Maine where it joined 38 others.

Then Momma duck came up 2 or 3 times a day and ate so much I had to go get seed just for her when finally she came up with 7 in tow with a spot for the one I rescued empty it broke my heart but it was not the last of the heartbreak for her or me.

A spot for the one I took to Maine clearly visible

She would truck these babies up here each time they were hungry all the while with danger lurking in the grass, air and water. As sick as I was she brought me joy with each visit.

One morning at 5 am I heard this ruckus out on the water or the rivers edge and the babies numbers dwindled, another mother duck flew in and was grabbing a hold of the ducklings it was not pretty and no male in site.

Then out of 8 the 7 there were just 4.

Could it have been this full grown huge snapper that was seen nearby when there were still seven?
See the Snappers tail to the far right?
Do mother ducks have 8 to feed other species the way she cried I would not think that was the case.

So you see I have been busy making my place into a spot safe for wildlife but I forgot about the food chain and I am sorry I had a front row seat.

Now down to four and one seems to be struggling maybe one to many tug o wars with the other female and it kept leaving its mom and coming on its own for food there are too many hawks, fox and who knows what to be all alone.

So then there were 3 and they are almost as big as mom but not taking flight yet.

This one was the last one to disappear life just isn’t fair.

This is the family now.

So yes so far this past month it has had more drama then I cared to have but when a mother duck hears me coughing and she knows I am outside and she brings her family in tow surly that means they have been imprinted by me I am still sad but happy to see her 3 tonight for supper.

Will catch up on your blogs each morning with coffee.
Take care

22 thoughts on “Still Under The Weather

  1. Oh Eunice, you have been going through so much. Thank goodness for nature and the wild creatures who know your kindness. I hope you feel well and strong soon.

    1. Right back at you I hope you are doing your therapy and are being waited on by your family . I can not wait to hear how it is to walk without pain again it is draining I know.

  2. Eunice you are an angel to wildlife around you and they know where to come. That was heartbreaking losing the little ones but you couldn’t do any more than you already have. I know it’s easy to say but try not to overdo things until you are feeling much better, the cough alone wears you down as I said when we chatted yesterday. Thanks for the update here on your blog we are all concerned for you.

    1. Love you friend ❤ I am coughing less than a week ago and much less than 2 weeks ago so will continue on the course of medications until I see the doctor in 3 weeks.

      I guess I was naïve when it came to waterfowl and all their chicks then again it took my mind off me for many moments but it is still so sad to see the loss 😦

  3. Eunice, I’m so sorry to hear about your health issues, but you still manage to care for other beings more than for yourself. I follow your blog all the time with great admiration. I hope things will be resolved for you soon and your wildlife will see even more of you.

  4. Usually it is nature that consoles when we are sick or down, but it sounds like it has been a tragic summer in your yard. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. I am sorry to learn of your health challenges, Eunice. Nature cam be a solace, but it can be harsh, too. As long as we live, we can never figure it all the whys.

    1. No kidding right. I will just be here and do what I can. As far as health I have many more better days than bad so maybe the meds worked a bit better still cough now and then but not 24/7 🙂

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your health issues Eunice. I am sending you hopes, prayers and wishes for a speedy and complete recovery my friend. Take good care of yourself.

    1. Thanks Cindy it has been a long haul but I have kept my hands and feet in the soil and took the meds the doctors gave me even when the outcome was awful.

  7. I am sorry to read that you are not feeling well at all. The way of life is sometimes hard for us and for the critters with which we are blessed. I hope you get some good rest, answers, and complete healing very soon. Take care!

  8. Your mention of GERD brought back memories of having to rush my wife to the ER just two weeks ago. Her GERD was so back her Dr. thought she might be having a heart attack. She’s doing better now.
    Please take care of yourself. I love the pictures.

    1. Thank you I am glad to hear she is feeling better.
      First I was told cancer in both lungs then it was pneumonia and also GERD mine I think was brought on by sickness in lungs causing bad cough which then caused GERD it was nuts!

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