My Garden Is In Part One

I have been slowly planting seeds that take 7 to 10 days to germinate into my raised beds but yesterday after looking at the long range forecast I threw caution to the wind and began adding my tomatoes after all here in Zone 5 and 6 we usually wait until Memorial Day weekend.

One variety of tomato came from as far as Texas as a friend brought it back for me and two others she gifted me from a local garden shop in Candia NH, the deal is you buy early or chance losing out on your favorites.

I also started seeds for my own abundance of peppers and tomatoes back in March. They were placed in trays of 72 using a small greenhouse, with lights in my art room. When they had their true leaves I repotted them and added them to a larger version of greenhouse in late April outside. I will also gift my friend what she could use as we grow different things and we will use some in our garden club project at the library, which begins in earnest on Friday.

Harvey-Mitchell Memorial Library Epping New Hampshire

There will be the garden designer and her crew of 3 as well as Master Gardeners and others with a lot of garden knowledge who will tackle the front and side gardens which will include all native trees, shrubs, fruit(blueberries) and perennials.
I am told there will be 900+ in total and that not until the third year will they shine.

I am hoping the Pollinator’s come and the people who live here or pass through this town appreciate what it is our three groups are trying to do here.

Main Street side. The sign will be removed as well as all of the weeds.

Those of us who are also volunteers with our Friends of the Library group held a fundraiser to close in the area on the backside(first photo) where you see a green space left by a door no longer needed, with engraved bricks for $100.00 each and then for $50.00 you could get a brick engraved for garden pathways.

Epping is known for the bricks once made here in our clay pits that being said lots of enriched soil has been ordered to give each new plant a fighting chance and then we need rain badly as we have had very little of late of course a thunderstorm is possible on Saturday as we push to get the perennials in the ground and cover the area with pretty wood chips. The natural type.

More to come if you are local I hope you take the time to stop by.
Hand surgery next month so I better get moving!

14 thoughts on “My Garden Is In Part One

  1. Beautiful lilacs! Mine are at their peak here! I’m crossing my fingers and putting out my tomato plants this week as well! The long-range looks good, so I think we are past the frost danger, at least here in the valley.

    1. Thanks I love my old beauties and the smell well I don’t have to tell you πŸ™‚

      Yes tomatoes in 2 weeks early but they will be so happy with 80 degree temps over here in the seacoast area and enough breeze to toughen them up.

  2. Hi Eunice, I just don’t know how you manage all this gardening as well as painting and blogging,I take my hat off to you for your determination, I am sure your plants will thrive. Hope all goes well with your surgery. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Thank you xo I will fill you in on an email. I have been crazy busy but very happy. the yard is coming along and I planted Tomatoes 2 weeks early as the weather looks to hold with no chilly nights to stress over πŸ™‚

    1. Yes also writing a story for local paper and lots of photos that will be on Epping Garden Club Facebook page and Friends of the Library one as well. 120 trees and bushes and I think 600/800 perennials πŸ™‚

      1. Yes lots of Master Gardeners and others volunteering for credit. 120 trees and busses came today and we went smaller sizes so it can shine come the 3rd year and keep costs down as we could not have a brew fest this year due to Covid

  3. My lilac isn’t quite open yet, so you have overtaken us now! Good luck with your project Eunice! πŸ˜ƒ

  4. Glad your garden is in!
    I bet the tomatoes will be uber yummy.
    Reclaiming green space is quite important. Good fo you and all involved!

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