May Days

May days are filled much like April’s were but a bit warmer as we hit day three.

The skies were amazing but the persistent winds added stress having just added
my tomatoes and pepper seeding’s into the outside portable greenhouse that yes I tied off securely but this is New England and weather changes quickly.

My raised beds have lots of veggies already started and though it is early for some
I push the season as the soil inside is warm as they sit in full sun. Radishes, Beats, Peas and Spinach are coming along and I am waiting on my Greens to make an appearance.

We began fencing in my new area using plastic poultry fencing and fiberglass rods that most use for electric fencing so should the wildlife become relentless I will be well ahead of securing my spot and once complete I will cover the ground with cardboard then top it with shredded wood no not that fancy mulch, I much prefer a local tree guys tree waste from trees that have been cut down and trimmed. I use this to block weeds and up here in NH the Master Gardeners call it the smother method.

The winds yesterday though worrisome also helped to keep the black flies from biting while I raked and cleaned up more of the winters mess left behind, there is always a silver lining if your eyes are open.

Are you a backyard gardener? Do you do your own landscaping projects? I keep telling myself it is good for me as I moan and groan and push through pain we all have at 65, I wish I had been kinder to myself in the early years but once all flowers have been planted and food is growing I can once again rest with a paintbrush in my hand and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Stay safe and find something that you can do to work off the stress of these trying times.

Now for some photos for those listening on the podcast you will have to check out the blog.

Hope you enjoy these shots from yesterday even a Bald Eagle! Thanks for visiting.

10 thoughts on “May Days

  1. Hi Eunice, Yes I agreewith you about looking after ones self at an earlier age. I have osteoporosis so that gives me back pain so my gardening days are short especially during the hot weather which is upon us now. 85 deg today. Because it gets hot by around 11-0’clock in the morning we get up around 6-30 while it’s cool enough to take the dog for his walk and get jobs done . We only have a small garden so its easy to maintain at our ge now anyway. Take care Eunice and don’t work so hard …….take a break. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Hi Rita Yes I am also up early and in bed before 10 pm need to rest my old worn out bones. I have psoriatic, osteoid and rheumatoid arthritis I feel your pain growing old is not for sissies ❤

  2. Oh, I know that pain and I am younger than you! But like you I also know it will all pay off and I will reap the rewards later! LOL! Your photos are lovely as always Eunice. Try not to overdo it and take care of yourself! 🤗

    1. You as well Cathy as I know we are avid gardeners and the sunshine and muscle building activity is good for us but I must get better with pacing myself. 🙂 The Eagle was so unsuspected as their numbers are still low in my area so it was a delight he or she allowed me to enjoy from my car.

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